I’m a creative person. I have taken many art classes, but have found my niche in crafting. You show me something I like- I try to DIY it- often times to no avail, but I’m trying to become more realistic about the projects I take on. My newest project is this blog and learning the art of makeup application- with a twist.

I was putting on makeup the other morning with my fingers and remembered that I’ve heard many times that applying makeup with your fingers is a bad idea. I’ve heard it has something to do with the oil on your hands, but I always wash my hands first so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? I wish that was a rhetorical question, but I honestly don’t know the answer. My impulse is to say it shouldn’t be an issue. Anyways, I thought about how I shouldn’t be using my hands to apply makeup and acknowledged that I choose to do so because I can’t properly apply makeup using the correct tools. I’ve tried brushes, which leave me looking streaky and like my makeup is barely adhered to the surface of my face. I recently purchased a Beauty Blender (pretty sure that’s a trademarked term- so people at Beauty Blender- here is your credit), but felt as though it was just removing the concealer I was trying to apply. I have no question that a competent makeup applier (or a makeup artist/someone who knows what they’re doing/not me), could use the blender to conceal quite effectively. Thusly, I decided to embark on this quest to learn more about makeup, its application, and how to make it work.

As a 24 year old lady who wears makeup (to some degree) most days, I feel as though I should have more skill in this department, but I have had a few things holding me back. When I was younger it was the laziness to learn the proper techniques, the desire for more sleep in the mornings, and the knowledge that I could spend my money on other, more fun things that kept me from immersing myself in the makeup world. As I went through high school, college, grad school, I mostly wore basic makeup. I’m not completely inept- I have received complements on said makeup- but I know I’m no master, nor even close. I didn’t care much for makeup until I was hanging with my lovely friend Alice one day in grad school and watching makeup tutorial videos online. Unfortunately, this coincided with us both taking a class called “Human Exposure Analysis.”

In human exposure analysis we were studying how various chemicals affect the human body and how humans come in contact with them. Our group was studying the affects of sunscreen- I’m sure I’ll detail the exposure affects of sunscreen later so I’ll make this brief. Basically, we were learning that what we put on our body can have significant affects on various systems of the body. The sunscreen ingredients we were studying were hormone disruptors that could be  absorbed through the skin. Therefore, despite my pull towards learning more about makeup, the thought of adding more chemicals to my regimen seemed like a poor decision without having more information- information that, at that time, attempting to finish grad school in 3 quarters, I did not have the time to research.

Flash forward to today. I’m still very wary about adding chemicals of unknown consequence into my beauty routine. However, I now have the time (I’m delusional- I’m so busy, but you make time for the things you are passionate about, right?) to embark on the journey of becoming skilled in the art of makeup application, and finding products that agree with my pursuit to do no further harm to my body. One part learning how to apply makeup + one part (or two- it seems like theres a LOT of research to do) learning about the chemicals in said makeup and finding the least risky products. I shall document it in this blog.

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