Lips and Liner: Get it right get it tight

I took two makeup classes at Sephora: Winged Liner and Perfect Lips. Sephora’s classes are super fun and I definitely recommend them- I take them Monday nights are they are what gets me through my Monday workday blues. I’ve incorporated tools from each class into my regular routine and here is a rundown of those skills. Let’s start with the liner/ eye area. I’m pretty fair skinned, so a little bit of color goes a long way. Due to that and the shape of my eye, I’m actually not a huge fan of the winged liner look on me. Thusly, I just incorporated their other teachings and left the wings off.


Here is my before picture- I have already put on moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream, blemish concealer, bb cream, and a bit of powder. The eye cream is a new addition and helps smooth out the area around the eye so the concealer etc. don’t enhance any wrinkles.


Step 1: Under eye concealer/primer. Applying it in a semi triangular shape under the eye allows it to blend more seamlessly and look more natural. Additionally, it can be used on the eyelids in place of primer… and I have yet to venture into the world of primers, so I am taking full advantage of that hack.


Step 2: Blend it in. I used my “beauty blender.” I also tried to wash it because you’re supposed to wash it weekly, but it never gets fully clean. I’ll need to figure out a better way to clean it. (Thanks to Buzzfeed for making a video all about this- I’ll be trying some of these).


Steps 3 and 4: The next step is to take an eyeshadow that is two shades lighter than your skin and press it onto your lids using a flat brush (pictured with the pallet). I don’t know if anyone makes a shade that is lighter than my skin #SoPale so I didn’t include a picture because you essentially can’t tell the difference. I learned that this shade should be pressed on i.e. first press, don’t brush it onto your brush, and then press it onto your lids. I can’t remember the reason- I think it was something about not brushing off/wasting the powder. Also make sure to give extra attention to the brow bones and the inner eye corners. Step 4 is to take a shade that’s two shades darker (I used the shade on the upper right of my palet) and a #19 brush (shown above) and swirl that shade onto the crease of the lid- focusing more on the outer eye- using tiny circle motions. Mine still isn’t perfect here, but it can be blended out later.



Step 5: take your eyeliner shade- here I used the medium brown on the middle right of my palet- and an angled brush (#22 at Sephora shown above) and apply it along the lash line. Keep the long end of the brush pointed towards the outside edges of the eye.


Step 6: Next is the eyeliner *cringe*- I’ve never been a huge wearer of liner because it is pretty dramatic on me, but I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out, so I guess I might be able to redact that *cringe* from my eyeliner application in the near future when I get a bit more used to wearing/applying it. I applied it in a dashed line working my way from the outer eye towards the inner corner and then connected the dots. I am fully aware that it doesn’t look perfect, but the liner I bought from Sephora has a smudger, so I intend to use that to blend it out. This pic is with liner only applied above the lash line. Which brings me to…


Step 7: I lifted my lashes and applied eyeliner under my lashes to hide some of the gaps and create a smoother look.


Step 8: I added mascara to my upper and lower lashes. I don’t usually wear it on my lower lashes because I find bit of it hanging out under my eyes after a few hours, so I’ll have to figure out how to fix that at some point, but for today I’m wearing it. I figure that A. I can fix it in the mirror every once in a while and B. I’m spending my afternoon writing this post while watching my boyfriend woodwork/ready to call 911 if he saws his finger off, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue if it doesn’t stay perfect looking. I also used the angled brush to apply the medium brown liner color along the outer edges under my eyes. Just because it felt more balanced than having a line on the top lid and nothing on the bottom.


Step 9: The brows. I feel as though the brows are having a beauty moment right now. I’m trying to channel my inner Cara Delevingne and work a fierce brow and thusly applied a brow gel and tint. This is the step that always makes me feel like my look is put together.



Step 10: Lastly, the lips. The instructors at Sephora highlighted the importance of lip liner. Ideally you are supposed to have a shade that matches every lipstick, but I’m not dealing with that, so I bought their clear one to use with all my lipsticks. I lined the edges of my lips starting at the outer corners and working my way towards the center. This outside- in approach keeps the center parts from being too dark when a color liner is used. Then I filled in my whole lips with the liner. This ensures the lipstick stays put. Then I took my lipstick brush and used it to apply the lipstick. The brush allows for much more control over the line and gives a tidier look. I did not have to correct here, but if I use a darker shade and make any mistakes, I’ll correct them along the outside of my lips using a  #45 (see above) brush and some concealer. Also-I started by putting on a pinker shade, but my roomie noted that it was not the same vibe as my eye shadow, which reminded me that the colors I choose need to be of the same color family. So I went with a more coral tone. If I had applied blush, which I didn’t because I have a fairly rosy complexion as is it, I would’ve used a peach tone.



Here is the final look including my whimsical Saturday shirt (and my makeup in a mess pile behind me)

The new additions to my makeup squad are as follows:



Sephora’s Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner in brown. I love this liner because not only does it have a smudger on the other end, but the smudger also comes off to reveal a sharpener. 3 in 1?! #win





Sephora’s Brow Builder Waterproof in Rich Chesnut. I used to have the benefit brow gel and tint, but it ran out and this was less expensive and got the job done, so I went with this instead. I do like the Benefit one a little better because this one has clumps sometimes, so I’ll usually have to spend a bit more time evening it out after. The Sephora Collection does have more shades though.





Sephora’s Beauty Amplifier Universal Lip Liner. I like this because I’d rather buy one product that can be used multiple times than having to buy a variety of lip liners. Also I don’t typically rock a very dark lip so this gets the job done without being overwhelming.







Sephora’s Rouge Balm in Mild Plum. I love tinted balms- they leave your lips hydrated without having an overwhelming color. I didn’t wear this one in this tutorial but I love it. It kind of reminds me of my Sugar balm, but less expensive.



I also bought the #19 and #45 brushes listed above.

I would like to note that I’m talking about Sephora a lot because I’m taking their classes. I’m also buying their products because I’m already in the store when I’m taking their classes and their products are the least expensive ones there (usually). I’m not investing a ton in my makeup right now because I am ideally going to be finding the healthiest makeup I can later, and that’s when I’ll invest. I’m not getting any perks from Sephora from mentioning them, I just like their services and products.


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