Scrub a DubStep: Cleansers

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-9-22-48-amHello lovelies! It’s time for some Fall cleaning. It’s like Spring cleaning, but I just invented it and it applies to your face.

A couple weeks ago I got the Clarisonic Mia and have been waiting the requisite 2 weeks to review it. Essentially, you’ll break out more the first couple weeks you use it because it’s deep cleaning and surfacing some impurities. I did break out, but I was also coming off some birthday sugar binges, so that could be to blame as well. Regardless of the cause, the two weeks are up and I’m loving it. My face is so soft and it cleans so well- I don’t have to wonder if my makeup is REALLY off by the end of the day, because it definitely is. Also, my sensitive skin hasn’t rebelled against it so it’s probably gentle enough for normal people too. My skin is looking much clearer and my makeup goes on better because my skin is so smooth. Also got the BF seal of approval aka: “your face is sooo soft!” All around win- definitely recommend.

Now that we have the right tool, it’s on to the product: cleansers. The best place to start is by figuring out what skin type you are. Many of us have learned through years of trial and error what our skin type is; however, wikiHow has a simple method to determine yours. Another favorite method of mine is to convince yourself this is an excuse to get a facial, and then ask your aesthetician for help figuring it out.

The skin types tackled in this post are: Normal, Dry, Oily, and Combination. I have also included recommendations for sensitive skin. Cleansers have a wide variety of ingredients depending on the skin type they are catering to. Here are some general guidelines of what to avoid:




Unfortunately, in our youth reverant culture, anti-aging products are sought after and most have retinol/vitamin A in them, if not other harmful ingredients. One thing I have learned so far in this process is that if you take proper care of your skin a lot of signs of aging can be postponed. Finding a cleanser and moisturizer that are right for your skin are paramount in protecting it from weathering. Additionally, drinking sufficient water reduces the look of wrinkles and is just healthier in general. Those tips, in conjunction with sunscreen (of the right type! see the sunscreen post) can keep you looking your best. However, I will tackle anti-aging products in another post and try to find you the best ones with minimal toxic exposure. Also, can we just start being chill with aging already? (trying to convince myself here too).

As per usual, I did some of the searching for you and have some products to recommend based on skin type. (Click on the image to follow the link)











The plus side about more natural products is they are generally more sensitive. Especially sulfate free products. Therefore, a lot of the products above could also work for you if you have, say, oily and sensitive skin. The one I’m using, that I love, is the first one in the sensitive section: Acure’s Sensitive Facial Cleanser.

You can check your existing cleanser out here.

Until next time- keep it clean!

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