Shower Better Suite Part 1: Soaps


Welcome to the Shower Better Suite! In Part One we’ll be covering soaps (body wash or bar soap, depending on your preference).

Our shower products cover our whole bodies- unless there are parts you’re forgetting to wash, but that’s another issue. The fact that body wash covers a large area, and we use it frequently, means that our bodies are more exposed to it and it has more potential to do harm. Switching up these products can be an easy way to start using healthier products. I started cleaning up my routine by purchasing a new shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Since then, I’ve swapped one or two products at a time for less harmful ones, typically when I’m about to run out of a product anyways. It’s a lot less daunting when you take it one bit at a time instead of trying to overhaul all of your products at once.

I haven’t it mentioned yet, but if you have sensitive skin or just want to take time to notice how your body reacts to a new product, incorporate new products slowly. I stated in a previous post that I got a Clarisonic Mia and that it was working great for me. Turns out it was drying my skin out too much and my face over reacted and got super irritated. Once I switched from a thin moisturizer to a thicker cream and my face was adequately moisturized, my face calmed down. I still love my Clarisonic now that I’m adequately hydrated. I usually try to give myself around a week between trying new products so that I can attribute any changes to the right product. Also, I always try to reset my skin from any negative reaction before trying a new product.

So, body wash. What should we avoid?


And some handy words/phrases/logos to look for:


Here are some products I recommend (click the images to view the product):

Acure is my absolute favorite. I am currently using the clarifying body wash. They all smell amazing, are gentle, and are relatively inexpensive.


Here are some additional products that are rated well by the EWG and have good Amazon reviews:


Additional products can be found at Credo or EWG’s guide to body wash.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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