Shower Better Suite Part 2: Shampoo


Shower better by switching up your shampoo. This switch made the biggest difference for me. I have gotten a keratin treatment in the past- not again: they use formaldehyde which is a proven carcinogen- and in order to make it last longer I used sulfate-free shampoo. My hair was super smooth and my typically dry scalp (sensitive skin is the worst) was super chill for once. Obviously, I forgot that and when I switched back to normal shampoos my scalp rebelled.

I realized my mistake and now I’m sticking with sulfate-free. Sulfates can not only irritate the skin, but can also react with other chemicals to produce nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic (see table below). Sulfates are not the only harmful chemicals found in shampoos. Here is a list of what to avoid:


Instead look for:


A lot of healthier shampoos are priced reasonably, so it’s a pretty easy item to switch.

Acure has three lines sold at Credo of shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. I posted the three body washes in the last post and here are the corresponding shampoos. I’m currently using the ultra-hydrating, and it smells super fresh.


Here are a few more recs from Credo and EWG’s consumer guide. My boyfriend has the Shea Moisture shampoo, and I use it when I go to his house. It smells nice- kind of sweet- and makes my hair soft.


More products can be found at Credo or EWG’s guide to shampoo.

If you have any shampoos (or products) that you love and are clean, please let me know and I can share them!

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