Shower Better Suite Part 3: Conditioner


Shower better by getting a clean conditioner! My hair is fairly dry, but I try to take good care of it by conditioning it generously. Every time I go to get my haircut she says it looks super healthy, so I think I’m winning. Although, I do only get my hair cut twice a year due to laziness/not wanting to find a new hairdresser and thus only going when I visit my parents, so that’s kind of a fail.

I’m most picky about my conditioners. I hate when they have alcohol in them because although it makes your hair shiny in the short term, it dries it out in the long term. Most have alcohol though, so I try to find ones where it’s farther down on the ingredient list. That’s more of a preference though, unlike the following chemicals which are good for everyone to avoid:


Instead you should look for:


As always, I have another group of Acure products to plug (I swear they don’t pay me, but they should). These are the corresponding conditioners to the body washes and shampoos I mentioned in the previous two posts:


And here are some additional products either from Credo or ranked well by the EWG.



More products can be found at Credo or EWG’s guide to conditioner.

Hope you have a better shower!

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