Mask and Bask


Hey all! I am super excited because I just got LASIK and woke up able to see the world! I’m supposed to lay low this week so I’m going to relax with a facemask (or 2, why not).

Facemasks are my go-to-treat when I’ve had a long day, or if my face is looking kind of dull and dehydrated. They are the best- you can use them while getting some much-needed relaxation, or put on one while you get stuff done to feel doubly productive. I typically do the latter, although that’s harder with sheet masks because they fall off my face.

My family and I had a “Treat Yo’self” day after Christmas and did some online shopping. I bought a pack of 16 sheet masks on Amazon and was super excited for them to arrive. Unfortunately, when they did, I saw that they have parabens in them and apparently cannot be returned. Lesson learned- don’t impulse buy a ton of sheet masks when they won’t tell you the ingredients in them- there’s probably a reason. Plus side, I got an awesome Cashmere sweater, which made up for that blunder.

There are a TON of DIY mask recipes that give you great results. A couple I use (facialist recommended) include:

  • Plain oatmeal, water, and honey- used to sooth an inflamed face. This is good for rosacea, redness, or mildly irritated skin. You’ll have to lay down with this one because the oatmeal will fall off your face. Play with the proportions until it’s a consistency you like, but I typically put about a half a tablespoon of honey maximum so it isn’t too sticky.
  • Charcoal and aloe- This is awesome. First of all, charcoal masks can be super expensive, but you can buy a bottle of charcoal pills and some aloe vera gel (you can also use fresh aloe if you have a plant) and make your own for next to nothing! I bought these over a year ago and I still have about half left. You crack open the charcoal pill (do this over the sink- you’ll thank me later) and empty it in your hand. Mix in some aloe- I usually do a drop about the size of a nickel, but you can play with the proportions. Apply it to any areas breaking out. The charcoal helps clear the pores, and the aloe prevents your skin from drying out.

When you’re buying a mask, here are the ingredients on the label that you want to avoid:

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-8-31-18-amAdditionally, try to avoid alcohol in your masks because it dehydrates your skin. My theory is if it’s at the top of the ingredient list, I’ll avoid it, but if it’s closer to the bottom I’ll let it slide.

Here is what you should look for:


Unfortunately, when I was looking for sheet masks to recommend, the vast majority had issues. Most had fragrance (even the ones marketed as fragrance free… what?), and others that were noted as “natural” had some sketchy stuff in them. So be VERY particular when assessing a sheet mask. Additionally, hasn’t quite caught up to the sheet mask trend yet, so it’s not easy to look them up there. I’ve been looking up each ingredient instead. Lucky for you, I found 3 great ones that are totally reasonably priced at $7 each and a 5 pack for $30 (looking at you Nordstrom with your $150 sheet mask), and fit a variety of skincare needs.

Also- learn from me and be careful when buying sheet masks on Amazon- most don’t have full ingredient lists.

Here are some mask recommendations:

Normal Masks (by skin type)

Dry/Sensitive Skin:


*Many face masks hydrate skin, so if you have dry skin some of the other face masks below will work for you as well.

Dealing with Breakouts:


Anti-Aging Masks:


* Any mask that hydrates will also help reduce the look of fine lines and keep your face looking perky.

Oily and Combination Skin:

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 9.07.58 AM.pngscreen-shot-2017-01-29-at-9-04-37-am

All Skin Types:


There were a bunch of LUSH products on here and I LOVE LUSH- however, make sure you read their labels because they add synthetic fragrance to some of their masks (and products in general) and I found a few products with parabens.

Sheet Masks


  • Yellow Mask: Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask- Anti- Aging
  • Green Mask: Green Tea Water Bomb Mask- Hydrating
  • Brown-Red Mask: Caffeine Mask- Soothing and Anti-Inflamatory

Shoot me a message if you need help assessing a mask you already have or help choosing a new one.

So get yourself a mask and have some relaxing time this weekend! Your face will thank you!

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